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Ink Blot Test

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Funny Gospel Kid

Top 10 Nicholas Cage Moments - Wickerman

"I was watching nicholas cage act. Suddenly it struck me that he was the best actor on the planet, so I made this."

Worlds Most Hated Woman Ruins Life on National Television

Star Wars According to a 3 Year Old


Garfield minus Garfield

From the site:

"Who would have guessed that when you remove Garfield from the Garfield comic strips, the result is an even better comic about schizophrenia, bipolor disorder, and the empty desperation of modern life? Friends, meet Jon Arbuckle. Let’s laugh and learn with him on a journey deep into the tortured mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against lonliness and methamphetamine addiction in a quiet American suburb."

Garfield minus Garfield

Von Von Von Kills Harlem

Showtime at the Apollo

Is That You, Dre?

Little Pimp

Baseball Boogie Bunch

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Want to See Something Really Gay and Funny?

McDonalds Subliminal Advertising

I'm loving it (Sounds like Rian)

John Daker

"These are the HAM peple y'all!"

Click to enlarge

Seriously? This is a fucking thing? People send hams around to each other at the suggestion of some half-literate hausfrau with bad teeth? Companies put “Y’all” in print? On their homepage? Twice? Am I on Mars? Does the target audience for this product even have electricity with which to get on the internet? They might as well have a website selling NASCAR brand horsemeat delivered to your home in the trunk of an ’83 Buick Riviera with a slow fuel leak. Between the severed pig leg and the Poli-dent leaking out of the sides of that malnourished redneck’s mouth, I'm guessing that the only sales they make are to confused southerners who don't understand the broad strokes of e-commerce.

I'm out!

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More Gallo

Very funny, very long interview from grand royal magazine

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A Japanese game show where the first person to laugh at some other japanese guy trying to speak English'll see.

Li'l J: Hit Me Up On My Mufuggin MySpace

Political question for my hip friends.

you know, you dudes (and dudettes) who live in brooklyn and san francisco. what's the word on the street now that barack obama is considered the "frontrunner" for the democratic nomination? has he become uncool? does hillary have some sort of "local underdog" cred in BKLYN now?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Steroid User Loves Self


From the Daily Mail - Meet the world's smallest bodybuilder:

Pint-sized Romeo is well-known in his hometown of Phagwara, India - for his ability to lift 1.5kg (3.3 pound) dumbbells - despite his overall 9kg (19.8 pound) body weight.

More pictures and full story here.

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Why White People Are Boring

Here is a blog about cancers upon the earth:


#62 Knowing what’s best for poor people

February 10, 2008 by clander

White people spend a lot of time of worrying about poor people. It takes up a pretty significant portion of their day.

They feel guilty and sad that poor people shop at Wal*Mart instead of Whole Foods, that they vote Republican instead of Democratic, that they go to Community College/get a job instead of studying art at a University.

It is a poorly guarded secret that, deep down, white people believe if given money and education that all poor people would be EXACTLY like them. In fact, the only reason that poor people make the choices they do is because they have not been given the means to make the right choices and care about the right things.

A great way to make white people feel good is to tell them about situations where poor people changed how they were doing things because they were given the ‘whiter’ option. “Back in my old town, people used to shop at Wal*Mart and then this non-profit organization came in and set up a special farmers co-op so that we could buy more local produce, and within two weeks the Wal*Mart shut down and we elected our first Democratic representative in 40 years.” White people will first ask which non-profit and are they hiring? After that, they will be filled with euphoria and will invite you to more parties to tell this story to their friends, so that they can feel great.

But it is ESSENTIAL that you reassert that poor people do not make decisions based on free will. That news could crush white people and their hope for the future.

David Lee Roth - 'Runnin w/ The Devil' Isolated Vox Track

For Mearns

Worst food in America: Outback Steakhouse


182g fat! 2900 calories!

See the other 19 at

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1950's Anti-Gay Propaghanda

ya'll know you can catch the gay from em right?


Woman Calls 911 to Report Drunken Driver -- Herself

A 51-year-old Dodge County woman is charged with her first offense of operating while intoxicated after she called 911 to report a drunken driver -- herself.

According to Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls, the woman called 911 early Sunday morning then hung up. Dodge County dispatchers did a reverse call to the phone number, and Patricia Dykstra answered her cell phone.

She talked with dispatchers, explaining that she was driving because her boyfriend was too drunk to drive -- and that he made her call 911 because he thought "she was too drunk to drive," too. Dykstra explained she hung up because she doesn't like talking on her cell phone while driving.

During a call that lasted about four minutes, Dykstra told law enforcement everything they needed to know to find her.

Dispatcher: Have you had too much to drink tonight that you shouldn't be driving?
Caller: I don't think so, ma'am.
Dispatcher: OK, and you're almost home you said?
Caller: Yes I am.
Dispatcher: And where do you live at?
Caller: Fox Lake.
Dispatcher: OK. Where are you now?
Caller: Highway C, just about the corner of C and P.
Dispatcher: Ok. What kind of vehicle are you in?
Caller: Ah, pickup truck, 2002.
Dispatcher: What color is it?
Caller: Tan.

When deputies went to her house, Dykstra met them on the porch.

"I figured they would stop me on the road as long as I was halfway home when I called them. That didn't happen, so OK, I'm home, nothing happened out of it, but I was wrong," Dykstra told us.

Showing her citation to Action 2 News on Monday, Dykstra said she has no regrets about calling police on herself.

"I don't know. I'm so surprised. I did it myself, really. it's just one of those things. I didn't think I was driving so good so I said, let's tell them I'm not driving so good."

Dykstra was given a breath test and blew a 0.14. The limit considered too drunk to drive is 0.08.

Dodge County's sheriff says it's the first time a drunken driver actually called in a complaint about their self.

"I'm sure when her friends find out what transpired, I'm sure she will be the brunt of many jokes, but I give the woman a lot of credit," Sheriff Nehls said. "Intoxicated or not, she called in, thought she had too much to drink, we made the arrest. If more people did that, our highways would be a little safer."

Dykstra says she is terribly sorry for driving drunk and she's ready to face whatever penalties might come her way.

"Pay my fine, I guess. That's all I can do."

A Letter From Hell

batshit crazy video from the christian church. i present it here with the hopes that you assholes get your shit together because if not god is going to dish you up a ferocious serving of fuck. hell-sized.