Thursday, October 8, 2009

Easy on the paint, I’m driving - regretsy

"I guess my first question would be, are these too much fun? Because you might want to mention that in the description.

But more importantly, how are these “wonderful for a girl’s night out? Don’t bars have their own glasses? Or are you supposed to take them with you? Do you just carefully pack them up and take them down to The Cougar Room in a Priority Mail box? Boy, that does sound like a fun night out! Maybe later on you can clean the newsprint off your hands at the gas station."

pizza roll guinea pig toy - regretsy

here is another good 'un from regrety.

"Now, when you say, “special child”, do you mean, “special”? Because that’s the only kind of child I can think of who would enjoy playing with your used pizza roll bag. Jesus, what a mess. How is this even a toy? It’s trash stuffed with garbage. I can’t wait for the used Kleenex and egg shell teddy bears."

Regretsy - Half past crap

Regretsy is a blog that makes fun of etsy. below is an acutal item for sale on etsy and a funny comment left by a blog viewer.

"She got off most of the old cheese, so that’s good. It only smells a little like a bum’s nutsack. Oh sure, it’s not perfect, but you try cleaning a cheese grater with a cigarette.

- Submitted by Rachael"