Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chicopee man wins rock, paper, scissors championship (and $50,000)

Asked if he trained for the finals, Sears laughed. No, he said, like the rest of us, he rarely even plays rock, paper, scissors. "This is just something I heard about, so I entered," he said.

League commissioner Matti Leshem was mighty impressed, calling Sears "the most polished champion in the storied history of this colossal event."

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pig in Boots: The world's only porker who is afraid of mud

You can't get much happier than a pig in muck, or so we are told.

But when this little piggy arrived in the farmyard she showed a marked reluctance to get her trotters dirty.

While her six brothers and sisters messed around in the mire, she stayed on the edge shaking. It is thought she might have mysophobia - a fear of dirt.

Owners Debbie and Andrew Keeble were at a loss, until they remembered the four miniature wellies used as pen and pencil holders in their office. They slipped them on the piglet's feet - and into the mud she happily ploughed.

Now she runs over to Mr Keeble so he can put them on for her in the morning....

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Egyptian Lover: Freak-a-holic

This guy's lyrics are mindblowing. My sister's ex used to have the Egyptian Lover cassette tape when he was about 12. He would put it on and dance alone in his room. He had to hide it from his Christian parents.