Monday, July 21, 2008

FINALLY: Songs sung the way they were meant to be

Please visit Wing Han Tsang's Official MySpace Page to delight in the joy of her mellifluous voice.

Wing is admired by fans throughout the world for the passion and joy she shares through her CDs and performances of popular songs. With a unique voice and an ever-widening repertoire, Wing loves singing and she lives to sing. Her goal is to sing beautiful songs as they should be sung, and she spends 3-4 hours every day working towards this goal. Her singing teacher helps Wing work on her current repertoire, and helps to choose the songs for the next CD.

A New Zealand resident, Wing has released 14 CDs to date, and they have sold very well throughout the world, giving her a cult following. She is a regular guest on radio shows and television celebrity guest and entertainment shows, and has appeared on programmes as diverse as TAB Sports Cafe (New Zealand), Rove Live (Australia) and the animated television satire show South Park. Her live peformances have ranged equally widely in their staging, from old folks homes and hospitals to university gyms, private parties and corporate gigs.

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Marisa said...

ha she is awesome, one of the most popular acts at South by Southwest this year.