Thursday, January 31, 2008

The ( Moronic Fat Italian) Guy from Boston

Do you guys remember that fat dude with the crazy website that we used to make fun of on the Bro Case? He got booked on LENO.


Drum said...

if you are overweight and project a particular stereotype, by default, do you become an unfunny, self deprecating, comedian?

"the last time i seen deez gooomballs? FUGGGGEDDDABBBBOUTIT!"

that guy is the worst

Mearns said...

He does some hilarious anti-immigration material on this clip.

David said...

"The Tony Lasagna Story: How a dumb fat italian guy from Boston is still just a dumb fat Italian guy from Boston"

Mearns said...

Also, seat 27C? That guy only took up ONE airplane seat?

It's ok, I'm fat too. I can say that.