Sunday, October 28, 2007

Coco Crisp & Royce Clayton on free Taco Bell

I've been waiting for this to be posted


Rian said...

controversial issue! i think taco bell paid off royce, joe buck and tim mccarver.

Drum said...

oh cmon! the second one royce and ellsbury did was a spoof on this one. they were joking around. people who get upset at something like this are bored and dumb

Rian said...

the list of crazy shit you believe in does not include innovative product placement?

Drum said...


the second one was probably done by taco bell but that one was dumb anyways so who gives a shit

and PS - why am i not surprised that my beliefs aren't accepted by a STUPID GOATY CAPRICORN like yourself?

oh that's right, because you're a STUPID GOATY CAPRICORN!r9i391i93

Rian said...