Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mike Tyson's Punch Out

This makes me nostalgic.


Rian said...

i think i'm the only person i know who never liked this game.

Deboring said...

Do you think that makes you better than us? You'd get shot talking like that where I'm from.

Rian said...

i am a unique snowflake who would get pretty fucked up from a gun shot.

Drum said...

If I have one childhood regret it's never being able to defeat Iron Mike. Super Macho Man was a pushover but I doubt I could've even beat Tyson w/ the help of a game genie.

Other notable disappointments:
1) Zelda 2 "Link's adventures"
2) Ninja Gaiden
3) Saving up all summer to buy a power glove only to find out it's pretty much just a glove with a regular nintendo controller stuck to it. reference -
4) Never knowing/having a father

Deboring said...

Were you disappointed by Zelda 2 as a game? Or disappointed that you couldn't finish it? I miss the duck hunt gun.

Wouldn't it have been great if the makers of Punch Out transcribed real Mike Tyson interviews to scroll on the screen each time you lost to Mike? (Eg. "I only allow women to interview me if I plan to fornicate with them, so unless you want to do it to me, you should be quiet.") That would have learned us about the world.