Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First use of the phrase "Hide A Dook" I have run across outside of the sphere of me and the drunk dude I learned the phrase from.

“The Present Owner: M-Word. (My Trip to Morrissey’s House)” By Dave Carnie

“What should we do?” I asked at the bar. I didn't want to get anyone fired or fuck anyone over, but I couldn't just stroll around Morrissey's house without doing something. “I want to rub my dick all over everything.”


“No, no, I'm gonna shit in his toilet. Maybe I should hide a dook? Oh wait, there's no furniture. Ah! I'll dry dock the fudge barge!”

“Huh?” Steve asked laughing.

“Shit in the tank,” I said. “Tania? We should fuck in there!” That's almost better than the mile high club. Lots of people have fucked on airplanes, including us, but who the hell has had sex in Morrissey's house?

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Rian said...

morrissey and dooks - total mearns porn.